The Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter


Keep you and your team safe with The Magnetic Manhole Buddy  cover Lifter. No more back injuries, no pulled muscles – the magnetic manhole lifter makes it simple and easy to lift virtually any manhole cover without the need for keys or other tools.

The Magnetic Manhole Buddy  cover lifter delivers a high mechanical advantage to enable the operator to free and remove just about any size of cover or lid up to 100kg. The 360 degree lifting hanger can be rotated and placed in any position so covers can be lifted from a convenient position without having to worry about parked cars, curbs or moving traffic.

Typically manhole covers will be stuck in the frame, to overcome this problem the the magnetic manhole lifter has a unique high leverage position that can usually break free stuck covers.


Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter Characteristics

The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter is perfect for the current Covid-19  working environment because it removes the need for a typical two person lifting / handling team. Such a team would typically have to work in very close proximity and would be unable to follow social distancing rules. The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover lifter requires only a single operative and removes the need for a typical two person team and the restrictions imposed by social distancing.

The reason why the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter was created was to allow people to remove manhole covers easily and safely. With the Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter, you do not have to worry about injuries caused to yourself or employees because the magnet and trolley will remove the need for any heavy lifting. It only requires a little downward effort from the operator  to raise and move any  heavy manhole cover.

The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter does not just fit one type of manhole cover, it can lift a multitude of manhole covers that are perhaps unusual in size or shape. If the manhole cover is under 150kg, then the steel frame trolley in combination with the Mega magnet will be able to lift and transport the cover – maximum rated capacity.. The alloy framed trolley will handle covers up to 125kg maximum rated capacity. In normal use we suggest  100kg as a routine cover weight not to be exceeded.

There is no need for any other tools like a crowbar or screwdriver which are typical tools used by  people trying to save money and who give little thought to the potential risk of injury. The mechanical aspects of the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter allow you peace of mind that you will not be hurt and need not worry about injuring yourself. The 360-degree lifting hanger means that you can approach the manhole cover from any direction and efficiently lift and move the manhole cover out of the way. It is incredibly intuitive to operate, and unskilled  untrained personel can soon become highly proficient in its operation.

The design and development of the product has resulted in a system that it is easy to carry and transport. The system breaks down into two main components for single handed carrying – the magnet and mounting bracket and the folded lifting trolley. It is easily stored  thanks to its simple folding mechanism which aids transportation and storage. When folded, it is only around a metre long and 300mm wide a very small footprint leaving an abundance of space in your vehicle for other tools.

The magnet can be attached to any flat surface on the manhole cover and there is no longer wasted time cleaning out and removing rust and debris from keyhole slots. Wet or dry, clean or dirty the Magnetic Manhole Buddy will lift and remove all covers.

What are the benefits of using the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter?

There is a reason why we supply this Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter, and it is because of its incredible ability to save time, effort and improve safety. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter:

Avoid Injuries – Bending down and trying to lift, prise and move the manhole using a crowbar or screwdrivers can injure your back in the short and long term. This device allows you to easily keep your body safe from any unnecessary injuries. There is no risk of trapping fingers as you remove or replace the cover magnet in the middle of the manhole cover and use the lever to lock it down and then use the handles on the trolley to pull it up.

Speed – If you were to try and lift the manhole cover up using basic tools like crowbars and screwdrivers, not only would it put your body in danger and take a while but it might not even work, depending on how firmly the manhole cover is stuck to its surroundings. All you have to do is put the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter on the manhole cover, use the lever to lock it on and lift it up using the handles and turn it away so that the manhole is free of obstructions.

Suitable for a wide range of manhole covers – The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter is designed to fit and lift almost all sizes and weights of manhole covers avoiding the need to invest in multiple lifting systems that would otherwise be required if matching a separate system to a specific application.

Reduced accident risk – Since the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter makes a typical two-person job a one-person job, the risk of an accident is halved and considerably safer than using a crowbar!

High Quality – Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we make sure that the products that we sell are tried and tested to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

Easy to transport, store and carry – The device is easily operated giving you the highest convenience to complete your job in the safest and most efficient manner. The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter is a slim design for convenient storage and transportation inside a van or car leaving  more space for your other tools. It is also light to transport putting less stress on yourself and your vehicle.

Ergonomically correct – There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable grip and position when you are performing a potentially dangerous task. That is why we ensure that the product we supply has ergonomically correct handling for maximumum comfort when operating the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter.

Weather-proof – The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter works under all conditions including wet, ice and snow. It is important to maintain and look after the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter by cleaning it after use and before placing in storage.

No external charging – There are no wires needed when using the magnetic manhole cover lifter so no risk of tripping over cables or trapping them under the cover.


Below are some frequently asked questions that people ask regarding the magnetic manhole cover lifter and its uses.

Do I have to use a Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter? Can’t I use a crowbar?

We highly recommend that you use Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter to avoid any personal injuries that can occur when traditional methods are used (crowbars/screwdrivers). It is widely suggested amongst people and companies in the industry to use magnetic manhole cover lifters. This Health and Safety Hub document highlights the importance of using magnetic manhole cover lifters over the use of crowbars and more physically demanding methods.

What can the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter not pick up?

The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter is extremely capable of lifting any manhole covers of any size up to 100kg with tested load capacity for the steel frame of 150kg. The Mega duty Magnetic Manhole Buddy cover lifter with alloy frame allows the user to lift manhole cover up to 100kg (125kg tested capacity).

Can I use the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter on other objects?

The magnetic manhole cover lifter is designed to lift manhole covers because of its design but it can lift cast iron or metal objects below 100kg if needed.

How do you lift a sewer grate/sewer cover/manhole cover?

  1. Assemble the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter and attach all the pieces, including the magnet
  2. Move the trolley with the magnet attached and place the magnet in the centre of the manhole.
  3. When the magnet is placed in the middle of the manhole cover, pull down the lever on the magnet and feel the magnetic force connect the magnet to the manhole cover. Go back to the trolley and lift the cover-up and put it to the side to avoid any obstructions.
  4. If the manhole cover is stuck, put the magnet on the side where it is stuck. Slide the trolley forward through the “H” frame and engage the “Hi-Power”  lifting position. This position will loosen the cover and the magnet can then be returned to the central position and lifted clear.
  5. When the job is finished, put the magnet back on the cover and lift it back into the manhole.

Do I have to get permission to open a manhole cover?

This answer depends on where the manhole is. If the manhole is on your property and only serves your property, then you are responsible for it and it is up to you to fix and maintain. However, if the manhole in your property serves other properties as well as yours, it is best to contact your council or visit the government’s website to report and get their advice. If the manhole is not on your property, then it is the council’s responsibility to fix and maintain meaning that you should contact them and let them know. (Thames Water)

How long will the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter remain attached to the manhole cover?

It is best that when you lift the manhole cover away from the hole, you remove the magnet from the manhole cover just to make sure that the magnet is not damaged. Used correctly the magnet can continue to lift the covers for many years as there are very few moving or wear components.

What is the lifetime span/warranty of the magnetic manhole cover lifter?

The magnetic manhole cover lifter is covered against faulty manufacture for a twelve month period from the date of purchase. It should last many years, depending on how well is maintained and treated. We offer a” back to base” annual test and validation service. Keeping the system clean will ensure full function and a long troublefree service life.

Will the magnet damage the manhole cover?

The Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter is designed with the purpose of not only providing a safer and faster experience lifting manholes but to reduce the damage to both itself and the cover. Using a crowbar and screwdrivers would likely cause damage to the manhole cover and frame. The Magnetic manhole buddy cover lifter means that the only contact with the manhole cover comes from the magnet at the end of the trolley ensuring there is zero damage caused to the manhole cover or frame.

Can I rent a Magnetic manhole buddy cover lifter instead of buying?

We do not currently offer a rental scheme for the magnetic manhole buddy cover lifter now but if demand for rental increases, we may consider this option.  Long term rental / hire would also be considered

Are all manhole covers the same?

There are a wide variety of manholes currently in use around the world and the UK meaning that size, weight and access can all be different. Thankfully, the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter is versatile in adapting to the different manhole covers. It will lift all shapes and sizes up to a maximum capacity of 100kg (150kg tested capacity).

What type of manhole cover lifters we sell:

We not only offer two different types of frame, but we have two specialised products that go with the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter. Below are the products we offer to meet your manhole cover needs.

Standard products:

Steel Frame £408.00 Exc VAT: This frame is our strongest most cost effective way to remove manhole covers.

Alloy Frame £565.42 Exc VAT: This is the better frame if portability and weight saving is as important as functionality.

Mega Duty Magnet £594.43 Exc VAT: This heavy-duty magnet has the potential to lift covers upto 150kgs.

Extra width, Off-Road Wheels (pair) £56.77 Exc VAT: These wheels are built for all terrains giving you extra control of the trolley.

Chain-Tec system for the Magnetic Manhole Buddy Cover Lifter trolley is a heavy-duty steel chain used for lifting manhole covers. Its adjustable chain legs with forged lifting hooks  simplify the most difficult of jobs. It has been tried and tested to sustain a 150kg weight allowing you to lift the majority of manhole covers.

The Chain-Tec systems kit comprises of:

1 Rotating Lighting Hanger

4 13mm Length Lifting Hooks

1 Slotted Chain Block

2 Chains, 1200mm (SWL 150kg)

We have a range of Key-tec System products for manhole buddy cover lifter that can be found on our website.

Variety of different sized Key-Tec Lifting Keys  £79.00 Exc VAT

Key-Tec Spreader Bar and Leverage Hook £324.00 Exc VAT

Key-Tec Bar with Steel Manhole Lifter and Keys £930.00 Exc VAT


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