HURRICANE 125 Dust Control Cowl

Hurricane 125, a brilliant design that delivers close to 100% effective dust control.The Hurricane with its unique “Flexi-Seal” system allows a natural dust free grinding action. Available to fit most popular makes of angle grinder.
The Hurricane dust cowl is probably the most advanced design currently available. It bristles with unique, innovative features all of which ensure the best possible performance when total dust control is essential. The Hurricane delivers close to 100% dust control at all times – even when the front section is removed for edging work. The floating action of the main body combined with sealing brushes ensure an effective seal and complete dust control even on uneven surfaces. Two different lengths of brush skirt are available depending on the type of grinding / sanding / polishing tool being used. Flange spacers are also included to cater for different heights of tool. The brush skirts can be quickly replaced at minimal cost when worn.

The main body of the Hurricane is moulded from impact resistant polycarbonate as used in jet fighter cockpits and other similar demanding applications. The Hurricane has been tested to meet all current standards and has passed exactly the same tests for durability and impact that all angle grinders are subjected to. We have been supplying these cowls for over five years and have yet to receive a complaint regarding performance and operation also to date not a single report of a breakage. They are lightweight yet extremely tough and durable.

Easy fitment to most popular makes of angle grinder including Bosch, Makita and Hitachi. Every Hurricane comes boxed with a range of spacers, flanges and connectors to fit your grinder. Included in the box are comprehensive fitting instructions, pictures, diagrams and parts lists.

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