Typhoon 230 Dust control cowl – concrete cutting and chasing

Typhoon 230 Dust cowl – concrete cutting, chasing and joints. Probably the most effective dust control guard available – can be fitted to all popular makes of 180 / 230mm angle grinder.
This superb cutting and chasing dust control guard has been designed and manufactured by our long term partners in Japan. The attention to detail, clever design and high quality of manufacture has resulted in a completely new cutting cowl that is a clear market leader. No other manufacturer comes even close to achieving the same level of dust control and user compatibility. The “Achilles heel” on most dust guards is apparent when plunge cutting into the surface – without exception dust escapes – or it did until now. The hinged skid on the Typhoon 230 overcomes this problem and ensures close to 100% dust control at all times.A hinged side cover facilitates blade changes with a minimum of fuss or effort. A clear to read depth of cut scale is calibrated for both 180 and 230mm blades. The wheeled carriage ensures the guard travels smoothly over the surface with little effort while also ensuring the cut is always at 90 deg to the surface. By producing a clean accurate cut productivity is also increased as very little power is wasted by the blade dragging on the side of the cut – effectively all the power from the angle grinder is reaching the diamond cutting segment.

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