FTR Floor grinder – Special Offer Package

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FTR Floor grinder – Special Offer Package includes all the most popular tools and accessories in a single package at a very attractive cost for a very good saving over normal trade price. This machine has been developed over many years and will deliver high performance and total reliability. Please note our gearbox is fitted with steel gear wheels unlike some machines that use nylon gears. Nylon cannot take the shock loading associated with industrial flooring applications. Fitted with the dust skirt supplied in the package and connected to a suitable vacuum you will achieve dust free operation.


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The FTR410 is a tough, reliable, sander, grinder, polisher suitable for a range of surface preparation, maintenance and polishing tasks. An extensive range of accessories and attachments are available to cover most applications. The FTR410 is a very popular machine for polishing concrete floors in smaller areas, domestic extensions, barn conversions and similar – perfect for sites and applications with only a standard single phase supply. Further information on polishing concrete is available in our Blog, we also stock hardener, densifier, sealer for polished concrete floors and similar..

For complete dust free operation use either our Optim 120 or SP13 -2 industrial vacuums / dust collectors.

SPECIAL OFFER Package comprises:

FTR410 machine, Dust control skirt, Drive plate for sanding discs, Steel heavy duty drive plate for diamond segments, Set of five diamond segments

Drive plates are also available for tungsten coated steel discs, diamond impregnated polishing pads and diamond impregnated polishing buttons. Orbital heads fitted with velcro attachment to accept standard 100 / 125mm pads are also stock items.

Typical applications for the FTR410 include:

Concrete Floors – surface preparation and abrading prior to coating and sealing.
Grinding concrete – level and smooth concrete and remove trowel marks and rain damage.
Laitance removal – from newly laid concrete and pumped screeds prior to coating.
Concrete Polishing – diamond impregnated polishing pads and resin bond diamond polishing pucks ranging from 30 grit through to 3000 grit!
Cleaning – a wide range of surfaces with abrasive pads, nylon and wire brushes.
Sanding Wood – remove paints, waxes, stains and varnishes using our range of silicon carbide sanding discs abrasive pads.
Renovation of existing concrete and natural stone floors – deep cleaning through to high polish.


Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Options Available

FTR 110v Grinder / Polisher / Sander, FTR 240v Grinder / Polisher / Sander, FTR410 Drive Plate, FTR410 Dust control housing, FTR410 Additional weight, Heavy Duty Drive Plate, Drive Plate for Bolt on Segments, FTR410 Sanding disc – 16G, FTR410 Sanding disc – 36G, FTR410 Sanding disc – 60G, FTR410 Sanding disc – 120G, FTR410 Tungsten disc – 6G, FTR410 Tungsten disc – 16G, FTR410 Tungsten disc – 24G, FTR410 Mesh disc, anti-clog in 60/100 and 150G, FTR410 Scouring pad abrasive/very abrasive, FTR410 Carborundum ring, FTR410 Rotary solid tungsten head, Orbital Head – to accept Ø125 Velcro Discs (5), Orbital Head – to accept Ø125 Diamond Cup Wheel, Multifunction basic plate ø 400 mm, Multifunction basic plate ø 430 mm, Rotation basic plate ø 400 mm, Rotation basic plate ø 430 mm

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