Komfort Knob improves comfort and grinder life

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Comfort Knob will help to extend the service life of your angle grinder and also improve operator comfort and work output.Three very important improvements for a very small investment that will last for many years and can be transferred from machine to machine..

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Komfort Knob

How many times have you watched an angle grinder fitted with a diamond disc being used for edging work and smaller areas. Just about every time the operator will have one hand on the trigger and the other on the angle grinder gearbox. Sometimes the operator adopts this position for comfort, sometimes to apply extra weight onto the grinding disc. Without exception they rarely consider the implications. The biggest problem with this position is that the hand, usually with a big glove on, blocks or at best restricts the cooling air passing through the angle grinder. You can take an educated guess how this effects the life of the angle grinder!

The Komfort Knob is a simple, very low cost solution that will last for many years and can be swapped from grinder to grinder. In addition to the obvious and clear benefits of an unobstructed airflow the Comfort Knob is very comfortable to hold and the extra height actually helps keep your back straighter and in a more comfortable position.

So a very simple, inexpensive product that delivers several benefits and improvements for just £11.99

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Komfort Knob, to fit HiKOKI 180/230mm grinder, Komfort Knob to fit Makita 180/230mm grinder

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