M Class Industrial Dust Extractor TV50, Dust Control Vacuum

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TV50E Industrial Dust Control Vacuum is lightweight, robust, portable and a very hard working reliable unit. Many thousands have been sold around the world since the prototype was produced in 1999!

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TV50E Dust Control Vacuum is lightweight, robust, portable and a very hard working reliable industrial vacuum. With thousands sold around the world, the TV50E has established an enviable reputation for both reliability and performance. The cyclonic action of the "indestructable"  vacuum body greatly reduces the amount of dust drawn against the "M" rated cartridge filter helping to maintain the highest possible airflow and vacuum for longer periods without the need to stop work and clean the filter. When the filter does need cleaning it remains in position, protected by the vacuum body. The TV50E features a fast and very effective “reverse pulse” filter cleaning system. The efficient system removes any dust that is clogging the filter without causing damage or reducing filter performance. A warning light is fitted to advise when the filter is becoming blocked and requires cleaning.

The TV50E has been designed, manufactured and developed to be a very simple but durable industrial dust vacuum. There are no electronics, knobs, buttons or accessories to fail - it is probably the toughest small vacuum available and it's performance controlling fine dust is second to none. Since the first prototype was produced back in 1999 the TV50E has been on a constant path of development and fine tuning, concentrating on improving reliability, performance and durability. No gimmicks just an exceptional dust control vacuum which even after 20 years in production is still a market leader.

The high performance and portability of the TV50E make it ideal for brick raking and pointing, dust-free concrete grinding, edging and concrete work.

  • Robust and highly portable - PE moulded body on a steel chassis. Highly durable, yet manageable size and weight.
  • Efficient - cyclonic action reduces the quantity of dust drawn against the filter.
  • Low noise levels
  • Fast filter cleaning - reverse air pulse cleaning is fast and highly efficient - the filter is not removed for cleaning.
  • Teflon coated, "M" category cartridge filter
  • Bagged waste – secure collection and safe disposal of waste
  • Optional clamping system for "hooking" onto scaffold tubes

The performance of this vacuum or indeed any other vacuum can be significantly enhanced by placing a cyclonic interceptor between your vacuum and the source of the dust. The TV50 Xyclon would be the ideal partner to work with a TV50E. Even under the most difficult, dusty conditions a TV50 Xyclon will intercept up to 99% of the dust created before it has the chance to reach the vacuum filter. As with the TV50E vacuum the dust is collected and bagged for simple safe, disposal. The TV50 Xyclon interceptor will effectively collect and bag large volumes of dust while simultaneously greatly improving the performance and life of the vacuum filter and motor.

Power 1400W
Voltage110v / 240v
Airflow250 m³/h
Vacuum2200 mm H2O
Dimensions110 cm x 43 cm x 41 cm
Dust PortØ38 mm
Filter surface area1000 cm²
Waste Drum Capacity25L Bag



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TV50E Industrial Vacuum 110v 1400w, TV50E Industrial Vacuum 240v 1400w, TV50 Cartridge filter

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