TV50 Xyclon Interceptor

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TV50 Xyclon cyclonic interceptor is possibly the most cost effective way to control dust and improve the life of vacuum filters and motors. Very efficient, compact and just about indestructible!

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TV50 Xyclon, cyclonic interceptor is probably the most cost effective way to control dust and improve the life of filters and vacuum motors. The TV50 Xyclon will very quickly repay your investment and will continue to save you money over many years of trouble free and effective operation. In most cases the TV50 Xyclon will give a new lease of life to your tired old vacuum – we even have an electrician chasing out walls dust free using a “Henry” vacuum as his power source!

The standard unit is moulded from colour impregnated PE so completely impact resistant and durable. The wheeled trolley is standard, a modified chassis is available that can be hooked over scaffold poles. A modification that was requested by our many building contractors carrying out chasing and brick re-pointing work.

  • Xyclon  improves the performance of any vacuum.
  • Xyclon  will remove up to 98% of dust.
  • Xyclon  will reduce downtime and increase production.
  • Xyclon  reduces airborne dust.
  • Xyclon  has no moving parts, switches or motors.
  • Xyclon  is 100% reliable, giving you many years service.
  • Xyclon  greatly extends the working life of your vacuum.
  • Xyclon  is maintenance free.
  • Xyclon  connects with standard Ø38/50 mm  hose,
  • Xyclon  is hard wearing and unbreakable in normal use.
Please read this unsolicited testimonial from a recent convert to the TV50 Xyclon:
“Until now, down time has been almost every 20-30 minutes, forced to stop and  clean out the vac unit which had become choked with dust. To date, two motors have been ruined on this vac in less than 5 months. The vac becomes very hot and usually I would have to leave it to cool down, again for about 20 minutes. This meant that for every hour I would only get around 20 mins or so actual work progress.Today I hooked up the Interceptor and used the grinder for 30 mins and checked the vac. To my amazement there was little to nothing in the vac tank, the filter was almost clean. From there on I have been grinding for almost 6 hours without a break. The Interceptor has collected two full bags of grinding waste and still little more than a mug full in the vac tank. The vac has run at full suction all day and has not overheated. I have got more done in 6 hours than I would have previously done in several days.My only regret is that I didn’t find this unit before.I am very happy with the unit and the service received, Thank you all very much”
The above is a completely typical of the type of feedback we receive from contractors when they first use the Xyclon. Even after many years designing and developing these systems we never cease to be amazed by the results we can achieve. Once we had sorted out the dust seperation problems we then addressed the more practical issues of design – how to make it portable, durable and easy to use. We progressed through many different prototypes until finally arriving at the present format. The current TV50 Xyclon works really well, is very light and compact and is just about indestructible – so we can justifiably claim mission accomplished!
Dimensions HxWxL970x420x465
Weight14 kg
Dust bag capacity25 kg


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