The New Sabre G300 Concrete Floor Grinder

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blogs

Concrete Floor Grinder, designed and built in the UK 

When we introduced our Sabre 300 concrete floor grinder, it felt good to be producing our own floor grinding equipment again. Years ago, we used to design and produce all our own machines and related products. As PWM grew and the market changed we manufactured less and imported more of our products working very closely with our good friends at Contec GmbH.

New Industrial Concrete Floor Grinder G300

With the uncertainty of Brexit and the potential for a recession, we decided the time was right for PWM Sales to again design and manufacture our own products and machines.

The Sabre G300 was the first new product, it was based on over 30 years of experience and by listening to feedback from our many customers. We designed a floor grinder specifically for the flooring trade that would be durable yet affordable, powerful and effective while still making the design as bomb (contractor) proof as possible.

The initial batch of prototypes was loaned to customers for extensive testing and to highlight any flaws in the design. We were pleasantly surprised by the operation and work rate the G300 accomplished in floor preparation! The Sabre G300 proved to be powerful, aggressive and totally reliable floor grinder. The Sabre G300 surpassed our expectations and quickly proved to be a favourite with floor preparation contractors. 

Sabre G300 Heavy duty concrete floor grinder is the ideal machine for general grinding and finishing of concrete floors and similar, also perfect for removing coatings and adhesives – all can be achieved totally dust-free!

Specifications of G300 Floor Grinder:

Voltage: 400V (also available 110V, G250)

Power: 4KW

Grinding Head: 300mm

Weight: 100kg

Vacuum Hose: 50mm

Diamond Segments: 12

We have the Concrete Floor Grinder for any project

After the success of the Sabre G300, we developed a new range of concrete floor grinders to meet the different needs of consumers. These grinders follow the same product details to maintain high performance and reliability.

–              G230 – Compact, Dust Free Floor Grinder

–              G300 – Heavy Duty Concrete Floor Grinder

–              G500 – Heavy Duty, Concrete Floor Grinder / Polisher

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