Training Videos by PWM Sales Ltd


A good video is generally a far stronger medium to display the features and benefits of a machine or tool. Rather than line after line of text and numerous photographs a video can present real life applications. We hope to build up an extensive file of videos to cover all our products. Many will be videos we have filmed but it is our intention to also add videos filmed by our customers – probably some of these will also show things things that can go wrong and some features that can be improved. That’s fine, we can live with the negatives as well as the positives. It is up to us to listen to any negatives, to take them on board and then work out a way to improve / resolve the problems and turn them into positives. We always welcome all feedback – good or bad. After all, there are few products that cannot be improved!!

We shall also be making a series of videos available that offer advice on applications and correct operation. These training videos will include how to carry out routine service and replacement of consumables and spare parts.

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