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At PWM we have a wealth of knowledge built up over many years working in Dust Control and Surface Preparation. We love to share that knowledge with you, so read our articles below or pick-up the phone and have a chat with us. We believe that knowledge and experience are for sharing. Find some answers to you questions in the blogs below….

Industrial Dust Control FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Dust Control Answers from an Industrial Dust Control Dealer in the UK For over 30 years, UK residents have counted on PWM Sales Ltd. for all their surface preparation and industrial dust control product needs. Our...

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Concrete Floor Preparation FAQ

PWM Sales Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Floor PreparationProud Concrete Floor Preparation Product Providers in the UK As one of the leading distributors of concrete floor surface preparation products for purchase or hire in the UK, PWM Sales Ltd....

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The New Sabre G300 Concrete Floor Grinder

Concrete Floor Grinder, designed and built in the UK  When we introduced our Sabre 300 concrete floor grinder, it felt good to be producing our own floor grinding equipment again. Years ago, we used to design and produce all our own machines and related products. As...

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Concrete Polishing and Grinding User Guide

Complete Polishing Package Equipment 1x FTR Grinder / Polisher, 110v, inc drive disc and dust skirt 1x TV120 Industrial Vacuum, 110v, inc 7m of hose Stages 1 & 2 Diamond Grinding Segments Stage 1 to 5 Polymer Polishing Buttons Spektrin Lithium Plus Floor Sealer /...

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The TV50E Hard Man Industrial Vacuum

The TV50E is the hard man of the vacuum world, tough enough to stand up to the harsh working conditions experienced daily by contractors. There are no "bells and whistles" on the TV50 but it 100% does what it claims on the box!  The TV50E has a powerful 1400w head...

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The Argument – Quality v Price

We were recently approached by a long standing customer, Zircon Flooring Ltd., regarding the possibility of refurbishing an elderly machine. The oldest of their CT250 Planers was performing as well as ever but over the fifteen years of regular use it had collected a...

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