Densifier, hardener, sealer with high Lithium content

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Liquid densifier, hardener, sealer with high Lithium content for the perfect finish when polishing concrete and similar floors and surfaces.



SPEKTRIN® Lithium is a clear penetrating hardener that binds loose friable and porous mineral substrates. Penetrates 4-6 mm and consolidates, hardens and dust-binds. Increases compression strength of the concrete by as much as 25%, and abrasion resistance about 2.5 times while virtually all abrasion dust is eliminated 100%. Will not trigger or contribute to surface ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction). Easy and cost effective to apply. Zero-VOC, non-flammable, no odour, and safe to use.

The treatment is permanent and protects the under-lying substrate from detergents, motor oil, petrol, transmission fluid, solvents, de-icing chemicals and other common chemicals. Increasing the resistance to dirt while making surfaces easy to clean and maintain.

The very good Sd-Value ensures optimum water vapour permeability allowing excess moisture to evaporate.

Typical Applications

Excellent in a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. On floors as well as on walls. Including airports, balconies, basements, bridges, car parks, car washes, concrete bridges, driveways, harbour, parking decks, tunnels and other high traffic areas such as factory floors, storage/distribution areas, warehouses, workshops, etc.

As a quality, clear coating which provides superior performance on mineral substrates as concrete, plaster, etc. Also on former lime paints as it converts the surface into a natural hard ceramic-like coating (silicon dioxide). After the reaction it cannot peel or flake from substrate.

As an impregnator whose prime purpose is to provide dust-proofing, resistance to abrasion and freeze-thaw cycles on concrete. For use both indoors and out.

Application Instructions:

Substrates should be firm, free from laitance and clean. The surface must not be coated as product should be used on bare mineral substrates only.

The surface should be vacuum cleaned followed by thoroughly cleaning with an alkaline cleaner as liquid soap (pH 10). Rinse and allow the surface to dry.

Apply wet-in-wet in a continuous film. Use a microfiber pad to evenly spread the product. Keep wet for 20 minutes without any dry areas, and avoid puddles . Squeegee off excess materials from the surface. The entire densification process takes 25 minutes.

Should lower water absorption on floors be wanted, use SPEKTRIN SILOXANE that has a W-Value of 50 g/m2/h0.5.

Accepts pedestrian floor traffic after 1-2 hours and light vehicles after 24 hours. One effect of the treatment is that smooth concrete will develop a soft satin finish which can be increased by buffing at high speed (> 1000 rpm).

Guide line application rate on a good hard surface 5-7 m2/litre.

Guide line application rate on a power-floated surface 12-15 m2/litre.

(Application rate is always dependent on porosity of the material)

Solids in Spektrin are typically 20% while the normal industry standard is only 8%. Spektrin is delivered in concentrated form to help reduce shipping costs, prior to use sealer should have water added 1:1 .

Available in 5L and 20L drums.

The product has a CE certification

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