Diamond Cutting Blades

We supply a comprehensive range of Premium performance diamond cutting blades for concrete and mortar raking applications. We also stock the more specialist “V” profile blades for joint and crack repairs. Complete range of sizes and specifications are available. Our Premium performance blades have been developed to deliver an excellent cutting speed and life even on the hardest materials. They are available in both segmented and continuous rim, turbo profile. The segmented cutting discs are very good for hard materials. The open sections of the disc allow more air to circulate around the disc keeping it cool and allowing the dust to be vacuumed away more efficiently.The Turbo Continuous rim diamond blades are designed for smooth, continuous cutting when an accurate cut is the main priority.

A special HM (Hard Material) version is available for extremely hard concrete.

Mortar Raking Blades
We supply a range of Premium quality mortar raking blades for the repointing of brickwork. We always have 125mm discs in stock and can also supply 100mm and 115mm to order. Standard blade widths available are: 6, 8 and 10mm. We can supply dust control guards and vacuums specifically for mortar raking. Please contact us for further information.

Specialist “V” profile blades for joint and crack repairs. Available in 125mm and 180mm

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