Diamond Polishing Buttons

A complete range of resin / resin hybrid polishing buttons, all are velcro backed and although intended for use on the PWM range of equipment they are a quality product that can be fitted to most makes of machine. Available in grit sizes 50G, 100G, 200G, 400G, 800G, 1500G and 3000G The three initial stages use the more durable resin metal hybrid format.Text needed here

New generation polishing / grinding buttons, 8 segment metal bond, velcro backed for fitment to slower, low powered machines. Will deliver a far higher work rate and longer life than standard resin type buttons. A small radius on the grinding face will help on uneven and slightly stepped floors – not a dedicated “lippage” segment but beneficial on small problem areas. A robust grinding / polishing button with a large surface area of premium quality diamond segment.

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