Diamond polishing buttons, Resin bond, velcro backed

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Resin and Resin Metal Hybrid polishing buttons available in grits ranging from 50G to 3000G. All are velcro mounted for speed and convenience, they are suitable for fitment to most grinding machines that operate at the correct speed.

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A complete range of resin / resin hybrid polishing buttons, all are velcro backed and although intended for use on the PWM range of equipment they are a quality product that can be fitted to most makes of machine. Available in grit sizes 50G, 100G, 200G, 400G, 800G, 1500G and 3000G  The three initial stages use the more durable resin metal hybrid format. Normally an initial grind with metal bond segments (DFG7-4) would be carried out to ensure the floor is smooth and flat, preferably a second finer stage with metal bond segments (DFG7-5 / DFG7-6) would also be carried out before starting the actual polishing process with the resin buttons.

Please note we stock “Spektrin” Hardener, Densifier, Sealer with high Lithium content to ensure the finest finish, strength and practicality to your polished floor. Follow the link for more details.

When polishing a new floor you must follow set procedures, missing out stages will result in higher wear rates on diamonds which can prove to be costly. Also the finish achieved will be compromised – there are no shortcuts when polishing concrete! Ideally floors should initially be ground with a steel bond diamond segment to remove any imperfections such as trowel marks and high spots. Once the floor has been ground back to an acceptable finish you can start polishing, depending on which grinding segment you used will influence which grade of polishing segment you start with. Normally the first grade of polishing button will be a similar grade or a grade courser to the last steel segment used.

Follow this link for further information on polishing concrete and the costs involved.

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80mm Hybrid Buttons 50 Grit, 80mm Hybrid Buttons 100 Grit, 80mm Hybrid Buttons 200 Grit, 80mm Resin Buttons 400 Grit, 80mm Resin Buttons 800 Grit, 80mm Resin Buttons 1500 Grit, 80mm Resin Buttons 3000 Grit, Polishing Button Holder, velcro

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