Providing Dust Extractors & Dust Control Products in the UK

We can supply possibly the most complete range of dust control products available in the UK. Industrial vacuums that will control the dust created when grinding, planing, shotblasting, sawing or chasing concrete, asphalt, natural stone or brickwork and masonry. Our vacuums will connect directly to the machine or can be connected to any of our wide range of cutting, sawing and grinding dust control cowls. By the addition of one of our proven interceptor / cyclones dust control can be further improved. Our range of air movers will further improve the working environment for operatives.

With the range of products now available dust in the working environment should no longer be tolerated or considered acceptable. Solutions are inexpensive, durable, reliable and readily available. Order today – Dust Free tomorrow has been our catch phrase for many years and is still as relevent today as it was twenty years ago!

PWM Sales Offers the Best Dust Control Systems and Prices

PWM Sales Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of dust extractors and other dust control products in the UK. Whether your project involves grinding, planing, shot blasting, or sawing, working with concrete, asphalt, natural stone, and masonry can be messy and hazardous without the proper precautions. Concrete dust presents a serious threat to your health without the right dust control system implemented on your job site. From air movers to industrial-strength vacuums and interceptors that conveniently connect to your machinery, we can pair you with the perfect dust control products for your personal or professional needs. Contact us today to inquire about product pricing and availability!

Why Are Dust Extractors Necessary on Industrial Job Sites?

Working with power tools is commonplace on most modern construction sites. Such tools make certain construction tasks more efficient and consistent in their results. However, with power tools comes the potential for large amounts of industrial or concrete dust in the atmosphere. Thanks to an increased awareness about the risks associated with industrial dust and debris, dust extractors and other dust control products are more in demand now than ever before. Just because you work in the construction industry, it doesn’t mean you should have to tolerate a dirty, dusty working environment. Many dust control systems are surprisingly economical to fit your budget. No industrial job site can afford to be without one today. Our catchphrase at PWM Sales Ltd. is “Order Today – Dust-Free Tomorrow.” Rely on us for durable, reliable, and inexpensive dust control solutions across the UK!

How Is Industrial or Concrete Dust Hazardous to Your Health?

Many common construction materials, such as concrete, contain a mineral called silica. When grinding, drilling, or cutting concrete, silica gets broken up into a very fine dust called Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS). Breathing in silica dust over time may increase a person’s risk for developing lung cancer, silicosis, and other severe respiratory infections and conditions. While it may take several years of low-level exposure to present a severe health risk, it’s believed daily exposure on a job site may increase your chances of developing a chronic illness more rapidly. Please refer to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for more info about the health hazards and how dust extractors may be beneficial to your safety.

Are There Other Risks Associated with Concrete Dust?

In addition to being considered a health hazard, concrete dust can also significantly shorten the life of your power tools. Dust in the air coats power tool components, causing accelerated wear-and-tear, forcing you to replace tools on a job site more often. Dust is also a nuisance for others in the work area, including passers-by and the client long after your workers have left. Collecting dust takes time you may feel you can’t afford to lose. However, investing in dust control products makes it easy and convenient, especially when they come already attached to your machinery and equipment, including power tools. On-tool dust extractors fit snugly over power tools with a built-in hood to collect the dust as you’re working. Whether your operation could benefit from dust extractors, air movers, industrial vacuums, or other dust control systems, you won’t find a better selection than what’s offered at PWM Sales Ltd.!

Understanding Dust Extraction Equipment Classification

Waste products are classified based on their hazard level, and dust extraction equipment is classified according to which dust types or other waste products they eradicate. Highly carcinogenic materials such as asbestos are classified as High Hazard Materials (H Classification), while silica and wood dust fall under the category of Medium Hazard Materials (M Classification). Lower-toxicity construction waste materials are classified as Low Hazard Materials (L Classification). Most of our dust control products at PWM Sales Ltd. fall under the M Classification since we serve customers primarily concerned about concrete dust in their home or workplace.

Dust Control Tips for a Dust-Free Working Environment for All

Dust control is a concern facing any working environment involving construction or concrete grinding. However, there are specific steps you can proactively take to create a safe, dust-free job site, including the following:

  • Assess your job site for risks and be proactive with risk awareness
  • Invest in M Class dust extractors recommended for your application
  • Ensure your workers are adequately trained to use dust extraction equipment
  • Inspect dust extraction equipment before use to ensure it is damage-free
  • Repair or replace dust extraction equipment as quickly as possible

“Order Today – Dust-Free Tomorrow” with PWM Sales Ltd.

Would you like to learn more about the dust extractors and other dust control products offered by PWM Sales Ltd.? Please contact us today to see how you can be dust-free by placing an order with us!

M Class Dust Extractors for Concrete Jobs & More in the UK

M Class Dust Extractors for Your Power Tools and Grinders

Dust control is a topic we take seriously at PWM Sales Ltd. You have the right to a clean, safe work environment that’s dust-free. Dust from concrete grinding, planing, shot blasting, or sawing is not only hazardous to your health, but it’s also harmful to your machinery and equipment over time. Recognising the need for dust control products in the trades, our family-owned company provides M Class dust extractors for concrete jobs and more across the UK. Rely on our over 30 years of experience to pair you with the most beneficial dust control products for your needs. From industrial vacuums to air movers, we’re confident we have something suitable for everyone in our vast selection. Whether you work with concrete, asphalt, natural stone, or brickwork, our innovative, inexpensive products can help you create a better working environment for all. Our motto is, “Order Today – Dust-Free Tomorrow!”

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Impacts of Dust on a Job Site

Dust on a job site presents numerous hazards to workers and tools alike. Not only can it be harmful to breathe in dust from the silica found in concrete and other construction materials, but dust makes it harder to see what you’re doing. This can impact your safety and accuracy on projects. Daily dust also shortens the life of your power tools significantly over time because it can cause overheating and accelerated wear-and-tear. It’s also not doing you any favours leaving dust in unseen areas of the job site, as you’re less likely to receive referrals from satisfied customers this way. Dust can also present a hazard to anyone else near your job site, including passers-by. Dust extractors and other on-tool dust control products can help you prevent prolonged damages to your reputation and equipment.

What’s Meant by an M Classification for Hazardous Materials?

Dust extractors are classified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), according to the type of dust or hazardous material they remove. The three main categories are Class L, M, and H. An L Classification represents a Low Hazard Material, while an H Classification denotes a High Hazard Material. Our specialty lies in Medium Hazard Materials (M Classification) because this is where most concrete dust falls in the spectrum of hazardous wastes. You must select the correct classification of dust extractor for the type of dust you’re dealing with to offer the best level of protection. Examples of an L dust class would include Corian or graphite. Examples of an H dust class would include lead or asbestos.

M Class Dust Extractors Ideal for Grinders, Vacuums, & Tools

PWM Sales Ltd. offers dust control cowls and grinding guards designed to fit most models of angle grinders, sanders, polishers, industrial vacuums, power tools, and more. We have extensive experience in the design and development of concrete grinders and polishers to provide the best dust extractors to cover just about any application. Our industrial vacuums are designed to handle concrete dust and pair well with surface preparation machinery and dust control guards. Some of our most popular industrial vacuum models include TV50 Dust Control Vacuum, SP13 Compact Dust Control Vacuum, and SP13-2 Dust Control Vacuum with Twin Motor. Auto clean features are a convenience many of our customers find desirable when shopping for dust extractors. Don’t be afraid to explore your options with us!

Do 110v & 240v Power Tools Need Different Dust Extractors?

Do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors have differing needs when it comes to power tools and their voltages. Most construction job sites are equipped for 110v power tools, but homes require 240v power tools, which are compatible with domestic electrical sockets in the UK. Whether you’re operating an electric drill or an angle grinder, you should always follow posted safety guidelines for your type of working environment for your safety and others around you. Voltage matters for site safety, as you’re more likely to survive a hazardous voltage under a 110v system than the alternative. While it’s not a legal requirement to use 110v power tools on a construction site, it is considered best practice. Likewise, it’s best practice to use the appropriate dust extractor to accommodate 110v or 240v power tools.

Contact PWM Sales to Learn How Your Projects Can Be Dust-Free

PWM Sales Ltd. welcomes inquiries regarding M Class dust extractors for concrete jobs and more in the UK. We’re the preferred partner for many types of clients searching for the best surface preparation and dust control products in Goole and surrounding areas. We’ve scoured the industry to assemble a diverse selection of reliable products from the UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA, and elsewhere. Please reach out to us today for additional information or the latest on our exclusive offers!


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