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PWM Sales Informs us on How to Prepare Concrete Floor for Dust Free Application

With over 30 years of hands on experience in concrete floor preparation, PWM Sales Ltd. is the perfect partner for all your industrial floor preparation needs throughout the UK. PWM Sales is a family run business and we are Concrete Tools Surface Preparation Experts providing everything from floor preparation equipment, such as floor grinders and planers, to mixers, trowels, power hand tools, diamond cutting blades and grinding segments.

We also offer industrial heavy duty vacuums for superior dust control on the job site. Depending on your work, we are able to provide L and M Class Dust extraction systems, a legal requirement for many applications. Should your project require the highest specification filters we are able to provide H Class Dust extraction systems too. Please just reach out to us for free guidance.

Furthermore, our products have all been professionally tested and proven for your peace of mind. Finding the right equipment for concrete surface preparation is simple and straightforward thanks to our comprehensive customer service and catalogue. Contact us today to discover the many benefits of our products!

Understanding Concrete Floor Surface Preparation Methods

Concrete floor surface preparation usually involves shot blasting, diamond grinding or planing to deliver an immaculately finished floor. Layers of grime, paint, and oil stains often must be removed from concrete surfaces before beginning renovation or construction work. Shot blasting is a cleaning method involving blasting the surface with steel pellets to remove these built-up layers. Grinding is another technique used to prepare a concrete surface for polishing, by grinding away the built-up layers to make it smooth and even. Grinding can be done using floor grinders or hand-held, high-speed diamond grinders. If your company specialises in concrete floor preparation services in the UK, PWM Sales Ltd. offers equipment from many leading manufacturers from the UK and beyond, including Germany, Denmark, Japan, and the USA. Many of the products we supply have been designed and built in our Pollington premises. Every product we have for sale or equipment hire has been scrutinised for quality, reliability, and performance to offer you the best selection at the best prices nationally. While concrete floor surface preparation work can be messy by nature, our equipment makes the process dust-free to keep you safe and clean on the job site.

Our Mobile Shot Blasters Make Dust-Free Shot Blasting a Snap

PWM Sales Ltd. supplies mobile shot blasters designed and manufactured by CONTEC® GmbH, a German company renowned as one of the world’s leading authorities on surface preparation machinery. These state-of-the-art shot blasters are dust-free, thanks to CONTEC®’s superior dust collectors. Not only is the equipment from CONTEC® reliable and well-respected, but it also retains a high resale value, making it a practical investment for any company.

Diamond Grinding Made Easy with Self-Propelled Floor Grinders

Before installing new floor coatings, screeds or tiles to a concrete floor, the surface must be smooth, and also free of paint or other contaminants. PWM Sales Ltd. offers a wide range of floor grinders and concrete polishers suitable for most applications. Whether you’re renovating your home or your warehouse facility, our floor grinders will get the job done achieving a perfect finish to your concrete floor every time for every application.

Concrete Floor Planers Powered By Electric & Petrol Engines

Could you use concrete floor planers for your next project? PWM Sales Ltd. can help you meet your unique requirements with various dust-free options powered by electric motors and petrol/propane engines. Removing thick coatings is convenient with our self-propelled machines, such as the concrete floor planer groover, shaver and channel cutter model CT320 or the equally manoeuvrable concrete floor planer, groover and scabbler model CT200

The Perfect Floor Strippers to Get the Job Done Comfortably

Stripping floors of old carpet, vinyl, laminate, or tile is no easy undertaking. Luckily for you, PWM Sales Ltd. offers state-of-the-art floor strippers designed for practical use and operator comfort. Difficult renovation projects have met their match with our floor strippers featuring a wide range of blades and chisels!

Why Dust Control Is Essential in the Construction Industry

Anyone who drills concrete for a living can testify to how messy and dangerous the job can be, mostly due to the amount of concrete dust on a job site. Silica is a mineral found in concrete, cement, and mortar, which creates a cloud of dust that’s harmful to your health when breathed in regularly. Studies have linked concrete dust to cancer and other severe lung diseases and infections, including a condition commonly referred to as silicosis by industry insiders. Dust extractors, air movers, industrial-strength vacuums, and other dust control equipment from PWM Sales Ltd. can help keep you and your employees safe with cleaner air to breathe. We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive collection of dust control products in the UK. Whether you’re grinding, planing, or shot blasting concrete, count on our equipment to keep your working environment safe for all. “Order Today – Dust-Free Tomorrow” has been our mantra for over 30 years, and it’s still as relevant in the industry today as ever!

Contact PWM Sales to Inquire About Dust Control Products

Savvy site supervisors rely on dust control products and the rest of our high-quality industrial floor preparation equipment in the UK to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on their job sites. Contact PWM Sales Ltd. today to inquire about our industrial floor preparation and dust control products available for purchase or hire anywhere in the UK!

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