PWM Sales Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Floor Preparation

Proud Concrete Floor Preparation Product Providers in the UK

As one of the leading distributors of concrete floor surface preparation products for purchase or hire in the UK, PWM Sales Ltd. anticipates and answers questions from our customers. From floor strippers, grinders, and planers to power hand tools, trowels, paint rollers, and anything else you may need to prep a concrete or industrial floor surface, we’re your convenient one-stop shop. If you’re not sure what products your project requires, we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction. Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll address them as promptly as possible.

What’s the Difference Between 110v and 240v Power Tools?

Electric hand-held power tools come in various voltages to accommodate different needs. If you’re completing a do-it-yourself home improvement project, you’ll need 240v power tools, which are compatible with your electrical sockets at home. If the power tool you need isn’t available in 240v, you’ll need to purchase or hire a transformer to convert the necessary voltage. Industrial contractors generally use 110v power tools on job sites. However, you should always check with your site manager to determine the appropriate voltage on your site. Safety comes first!

What’s Concrete Grinding? What Do You Use to Grind Concrete?

Concrete grinding is often necessary to remove paint, oil, and epoxies from a concrete surface to make it smooth enough for polishing or finishing. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself renovation or a professional job site, concrete grinding equipment comes in handy to remove built-up layers of grime or to level any rough concrete  or remove any trowel marks. PWM Sales Ltd. offers concrete floor grinders and hand-held, high-speed diamond grinders for all your concrete floor preparation needs in the UK. Diamond grinders  can be fitted with a wide range of diamond grit impregnated sanding pads and rotating blades of varying sizes to suit all applications. All our products can be operated dust-free to ensure your safety on the job site. No matter the scope of your project, we’re confident we have a concrete grinder in stock for your application.

Can I Hire a Concrete Floor Grinder from PWM Sales Ltd.?

Yes. PWM Sales Ltd. recognises purchasing concrete floor grinders and other related surface preparation equipment isn’t suitable for everyone’s needs. Therefore, we’re also happy to offer equipment for hire. We can make arrangements to have our hired equipment delivered anywhere in the UK, or you may collect it from our Pollington depot. If you decide to purchase equipment afterwards, we’ll give you credit toward your purchase. Contact us for more details about the cost and availability of equipment for hire.

Can You Grind Concrete to Level It?

Yes. If the concrete surface in question was poorly laid in the past and has uneven heights between the slabs, a concrete grinder may be used to level the transition between them. This will smooth out the concrete surface for an even finish or polish. However, you’ll need to be cautious about removing too much of the surface. We’d be happy to explain this process in more detail when you contact us to purchase or hire equipment for your next project.

The Perfect Floor Strippers to Get the Job Done Comfortably

Stripping floors of old carpet, vinyl, laminate, or tile is no easy undertaking. Luckily for you, PWM Sales Ltd. offers state-of-the-art floor strippers designed for practical use and operator comfort. Difficult renovation projects have met their match with our floor strippers featuring a wide range of blades and chisels!

What’s the Process for Grinding and Polishing Concrete?

If you desire a polished concrete floor with a smooth, glossy finish, grinding and polishing will likely be necessary. The number of steps in the process will depend on the condition of your concrete surface and on the level of finish you require. Concrete grinding using a floor grinder or hand-held diamond grinder is usually the first step to remove any imperfections preventing a smooth surface. The type of grinder you should use will vary according to the size of the area. Hand-held grinders are suitable for smaller surfaces, including countertops. You’ll want to strip off any existing sealers and coatings, as well as repair any visible cracks prior to grinding and polishing the concrete surface. Continue grinding until you’re satisfied with the quality of your finish. Other methods of concrete floor surface preparation include shot blasting and scabbling for a fresh, clean surface.

Once the surface is ready to be polished, you may consider using a sealant to protect it from future staining and moisture damage from spills. Concrete polishing uses both wet and dry methods, though dry is the preferred choice of most contractors because it’s often faster and more convenient, not to mention environmentally-friendly. Polished concrete floors are popular not only because of their aesthetic appeal but also because they’re easy to maintain. If you could use concrete floor preparation products for the grinding or polishing process, contact PWM Sales Ltd. today to request an estimate. We carry high-quality products from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Japan, and the USA for purchase or hire.

How Do I Pick the Right Diamond Attachment for My Concrete Grinder?

Diamond grinding cup wheels, segments, plates, cutting blades, and other attachments come in various sizes depending on the application. Variables affecting your decision include the total surface area in question and the speed and level of aggression you desire from your grinding. We have attachments to fit most popular angle grinders, ranging from 100mm to 230mm. Our best-selling product is the 180mm Turbo Plus fitted with 24 segments, which is suitable for grinding and prepping floors to receive coatings and finishes. We’d be happy to help you select the right diamond attachments for your needs.

Do You Offer Anything to Make Floor Preparation Dust-Free?

Yes. PWM Sales Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of dust control products in the UK to make the concrete floor preparation process as dust-free as possible. From air movers and interceptors to industrial-strength vacuums, we can provide whatever you need to maintain a safe working environment for all. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can keep you dust-free!

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