FAQ – Dust Muzzle – Close to a Wall Grinding

by | Dec 6, 2017 | FAQ

If an operator needs to do zero tolerance grinding, it is recommended that one grinder/Dust Muzzle combination, normally a grinder with a 7” diamond cup wheel, be dedicated to the field and a second grinder with a 4-5” wheel be dedicated to working around the edges. In normal temperatures, the Dust Muzzle has enough flexibility to allow the operator to push the Dust Muzzle up against the wall so that only the .060” wall of the Dust Muzzle keeps him from going to zero tolerance. If a true zero tolerance is needed, the Dust Muzzle can be easily modified so the operator can grind right up next to the wall.  

Installation Instruction

If dust is escaping from the cut off area of the Dust Muzzle skirt, it is possible that the vacuum has a dirty filter or does not have enough power. If this is the case, the efficiency of the Dust Muzzle can be increased by covering some or all of the vacuum relief holes on the top of the Dust Muzzle. This will cause more airflow to come through the opening in the skirt.
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