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by | Dec 6, 2017 | FAQ

Faux grout lines are commonly seen in decorative floors, either because they were specified or as an afterthought. In some cases the operator makes a “kiss cut” of less than ¼” depth and in other cases a slightly deeper cut is made and the groove is re-grouted. In either case, a dustless, die-straight ¼” wide faux grout line can be made using a combination of three of our products: The Saw Muzzle, the Blade Roller and our .250” wide faux grout line blade. The Saw Muzzle is the Dust Collector. It will fit any Skil™, Bosch™, Makita™, Milwaukee™ or DeWalt™ left bladed saw. These are generally the low rpm saws referred to as worm drive or hypoid saws. Please specify the type of saw being used when ordering. The optimum blade for cutting faux grout lines is the 7” x .250” tuck pointing blade. We have these manufactured with the diamond knockout so they fit the worm drive saws. They are typically set to cut 3/16 to ¼” deep. When the Skil saw and the Saw Muzzle are mounted on a Blade Roller, the axle bolts of the Blade Roller can be run along a guide for a perfectly straight line. For continuous production work, this same system is also available with the Saw Buster.  This is a stand up rolling cart and it replaces the Blade Roller. The Saw Buster allows the worker to get off his knees. It is more expensive but it is a substantially more solid rolling cart that triggers the saw from the handle. Always use an industrial 2hp vacuum when operating the Saw Muzzle on either the Blade Roller or the Saw Buster.
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