Bush Hammer System drive plate assemblies

Bush Hammer System, drive plate assemblies are available for all popular grinding machines for creating anti skid surfaces, exposing aggregate and for most surface preparation tasks prior to applying coatings or screeds.


Bush Hammer System drive plate assemblies available for all popular grinding machines for industrial floor renovation / refurbishment – exposing aggregate, removal of laitance, removal of old coatings, preparation for new coatings, levelling of high spots, road maintenance / infrastructure, add non-slip texture to roads, pavements and public areas, renovate, level and texture weathered surfaces.

The system operates with lower levels of noise and vibration than conventional flail scabbling systems when re-texturing and surface preparation and delivers a completely uniform, consistent, swirl free finish.

Exceptional results have been achieved adding texture to bitumen / asphalt roads, footpaths and surfaces by removing excess binder and exposing the aggregate. The bush hammer system can improve skid resistance and provide an attractive, decorative finish that is uniform and swirl free.

The tools can be operated wet or dry and regardless of temperature. The hardened center shaft rotates in fully sealed bearings within a machined steel housing – durability is guaranteed and the housing is both dust and splash proof. The cylindrical tungsten tipped reel can be supplied in numerous formats to achieve a range of surface finishes from highly textured through to a fine, almost sandblast finish. The bush hammer tools are designed to be the minimum height possible for greater stability and low levels of vibration; they are bolted onto machine specific drive plates. Drive plates are available from stock, at the factory, for most popular floor grinders, none standard drive plates can be produced to order on short lead times or it may be possible to machine your existing drive plates to accept the bush hammer mounting bolts.

  • Compatible with most standard floor grinders.
  • Uniform textured surface without grooves or tramlines.
  • Can be operated regardless of weather conditions.
  • High utilisation, many applications.
  • Extremely efficient and effective high functionality.
  • High level of safety.
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • Can be operated dust free

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