Core EZe Advanced Diamond Core Drilling System

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Core EZe Core Drilling System is a new way of coring being lightweight and portable, the complete drilling system can be fitted into a wheeled case and weighs under 25 kg. Unlike conventional systems it always retains the core.

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Core EZe Diamond Core Drilling System Core EZe Core Drilling System is a new way of coring that is lightweight and portable – the entire unit can be fitted into a wheeled case and weighs under 25 kg. Unlike conventional systems it always retains the core. Without exception potential customers view the system as a gimmick that will not compare with existing core drilling system. Those with open minds and willing to give the Core EZe a fair test are soon converted and learn to appreciate the many advantages of this unique, innovative system. Note, supplied as standard complete with a large heavy duty tool chest that has the capacity to fit all items required including fixings and fixing drill.

The Core EZe is a unique on-axis drilling system for holes up to 250 mm diam. and 250 mm depth.The system operates around a central guide post secured in the centre of the core by a single M10 anchor bolt. At all times the core remains firmly attached to the guide post making the arrangement ideal for drilling into hollow structures or through floors.

The Core EZe comprises five main components:- guide post, feed tube, gearbox,hex drive adaptor and the drill motor. The system operates with core bits having three bolt fixing, as the Golz system, core bits can be sourced independently. Water feed is required for lubrication within the feed tube and guide post as well as for the core bit so the system cannot be operated for dry coring. The power source is typically a 230 mm angle grinder with a motor rating of 2.2 kW or higher. It should also have an electronic soft start for safe smooth operation. Metabo offer a 36V cordless grinder for operation independent of all services – a great system for taking test cores in roads or floor slabs.

For operator safety and comfort the system has a built in safety slip clutch, should the core bit become jammed on steel or similar no injury to the operator nor damage to the equipment will result. An angle drilling accessory is available that simply bolts between the concrete slab and the guide post. The Core EZe can be supplied to special order in different length configurations for instance when drilling deeper holes or when drilling in confined spaces down as small as 600 mm, for instance in inspection pits.

Drilling Range Volt Motor Dimensions Weight Speed
75 – 250mm 110v/240v & 36V DC 2.2 kW 600 x 430 x 275 mm 15.45 components only  29kg assembled  650 – 750 rpm




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CoreEZE system complete with 110v angle grinder, CoreEZE system complete with 240v angle grinder, CoreEZE system complete with Metabo cordless angle grinder, 36v, Heavy duty case, Angle drilling attachment, Pressurised water feed bottle, Core drill, 75mm, Core drill, 100mm, Core drill, 125mm, Core drill, 150mm, Core drill, 180mm, Core drill, 200mm, Core drill, 250mm

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