RMR230 Roller Pan Mixer, Lime mortar

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Lime Mortar Roller Pan Mixer RMR 230 ideal for reworking lime mortars and putties. Used primarily in historic building refurbishment and conservation as well  as by colleges, schools and training institutions.

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RMR 230 Roller Pan Mixer, Lime mortar

The RMR230 Roller pan, lime mortar mixer has been designed and manufactured to deliver reliable service over many years with a minimum of maintenance. Main components and bearings are over specified to ensure reliability and durability. At the heart of this mill type roller pan mixer are twin, heavy steel grinding rollers that will turn and mix lime mortars and putties, renders and plaster, rework traditional and reclaimed materials, crush and rework old and reclaimed materials

The RMR230 is very popular with schools and training institutions as well as the historical building refurbishment trades.

• For mixing lime mortars & plasters
• Traditional repair & renovation materials
• Reworking cements & putties
• Reclaiming old materials
• Traditional plaster with horse hair
• Dried & reclaimed mortars

• RMR230 Roller Pan Mixer 1.5kw
• Speed 30rpm
• Machine weight 320kg
• Size WxL 120x150cm
• Height 110cm
• Paddles scraper & 2 solid rollers
• Capacity 50-100kg
• Output 1400kg/hr
• Noise level 85dBA
• Voltage 110v or 230v

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Roller Mortar Mixer – 110v, Roller Mortar Mixer – 240v

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