FAQ – Dust Muzzle For Hole Saws

by | Dec 6, 2017 | FAQ

The 8” Dust Muzzle DC is a hands-off dust collector that can be easily used for dustless cutting with hole saws and core bits. It comes in two sizes. The 2.375” model, DM2DC will handle bits from 1-2” and the DM3DC handles bits from 2-3”. The Dust Muzzle DC can be used on the floor, vertical walls or overhead. Attach the hose, turn on the vacuum and place the Dust Muzzle so it is centered over center point of the hole. If the surface of the work is relatively smooth, the Dust Muzzle DC will self adhere to the work. You are now ready to drill dustless. How the Dust Muzzle DC Works The Dust Muzzle DC has an inner ring with small castellations around the perimeter. When vacuum is applied to the exhaust port, air is pulled through the castellations into the inner ring of the Dust Muzzle where it is then sent out the exhaust port and into the vacuum. Because the inner ring is co-planar with the skirt of the Dust Muzzle DC, a strong suction is created within the Dust Muzzle DC that holds the Dust Muzzle up to the wall or ceiling where it is being used. Requirements for Dustless Grinding with the Dust Muzzle DC Vacuum with a minimum of 120CFM and a minimum of 80” static lift. 4 ft. of lightweight hose. Note: The Dust Muzzle DC will not self adhere to rough surfaces.