Dust Muzzle “Ultra” Heavy Duty Cowl for 100mm – 230mm angle grinders

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Dust Muzzle “Ultra” – Heavy Duty

Hard wearing, durable dust control cowl with “flip-up” skirt for grinding close to walls. Fits virtually all grinders, sanders and polishers 100 – 230mm.


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Dust Muzzle “Ultra” Heavy Duty offers universal fitting to virtually all 100, 115,125, 180 and 230mm electric & pneumatic angle grinders, sanders and polishers. Available in two sizes to cover the full range of grinders DMU HD5 and DMU HD8. Both sizes feature “flip-up” sections for grinding close to walls. They are manufactured from 6mm thick, flexible thermoplastic, the heavy duty cowls install in minutes and are up to 99% efficient. Excellent for wet or dry grinding and polishing,

The Dust Muzzle “Ultra” – Heavy Duty is 99% Dust Free when connected to a 1400w Industrial Vacuum such as the TV50 It is the most efficient and durable Dust Muzzle available for angle grinders

The Dust Muzzle “Ultra” – Heavy Duty can be fitted to most angle grinders in minutes. It uses a flexible fingers, spacer washers and a set of flexible adapter rings to accommodate the entire range of bearing housing collar diameters and grinding wheel configurations that are widely available. Typically bearing housing collars on 180/230mm grinders can range from 45mm to over 76mm. On 100/115/125mm grinders, the bearing housings range from 38mm to over 51mm


The Dust Muzzle “Ultra” Heavy Duty is excellent for grinding fibreglass, concrete, wood, paints and epoxies. It can be used with sandpaper, diamond cup wheels, 200mm soft pads and wet-or-dry polishing pads.

Note: When the Dust Muzzle “Ultra” Heavy Duty is being used with a 180mm sanding disc, a Zec disc or any other disc that is less than 10mm high, it is recommended that the operator purchase an arbor extender so the wheel will position itself correctly in the Dust Muzzle “Ultra” Heavy Duty.

Fits all pneumatic and electric angle grinders using discs from 100mm through to 200mm in diameter
Excellent for diamond cup wheels
Can be used wet or dry and with sanding / polishing pads
Up to 99% efficient when used with a 1400W industrial vacuum system
Convertible / “flip front” for grinding close to a wall

We developed the Tuff Key Flange Spanner as a really effective method of undoing seriously tight flange nuts. Far more sympathetic to the angle grinder than the oft used alternative hammer and chisel!! It must be a good idea as several competitors around the world have now seen fit to copy the idea…..



For your convenience we can supply the Dust Muzzle “Ultra” Heavy Duty ready assembled to a quality angle grinder and with a high specification diamond grinding disc fitted – ready for work!


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DMU HD5 Dust Muzzle Ultra, Heavy Duty. Max disc diam 125mm, DMU HD8 Dust Muzzle Ultra, Heavy Duty, Max disc size 200mm (230mm angle grinder), DMU HD5 fitted to HiKOKI 125mm grinder, 110v, DMU HD5 fitted to HiKOKI 125mm grinder, 240v, DMU HD5 fitted to Makita 125mm grinder, 110v, DMU HD5 fitted to Makita 125mm grinder, 240v

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