Universal “Flip Front” 180/230mm Dust Cowl

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Universal “Flip Front” premium quality dust cowl for grinding, sanding and polishing applications. Available to fit 180 / 230mm  Hitachi, Makita, Bosch, Metabo and Milwaukee angle grinders.

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Universal “Flip Front”   dust cowl – Proven around the world over many years to be one of the most durable and effective dust control guards available.  The large, 50mm vacuum port ensures completely effective dust control under the harshest conditions. An integral steel strip moulded into the side of the cowl helps it maintain its shape, greatly reduces wear rate thereby extending effective life of the cowl and finally it helps the cowl to glide across the surface which helps the operator to achieve a smooth surface finish.

The “Flip Front” feature is ideal for grinding right up to a vertical surface. When used correctly there should be no drop-off in dust control performance. The ideal way to finish off floor to wall interfaces where pedestrian controlled grinders cannot reach and around pillars, columns and upstands.

The design of the guard permits  “fine tuning”  of the height of the cowl to compensate for wear and variations in the height of different formats of grinding discs.

The Universal “Flip Front” dust cowl is supplied as a boxed kit complete with instructions, flange nuts and moulded adapters for each of the popular makes of grinder listed. To assemble simply select the moulding for the make of angle grinder to be used. Place the moulding onto the angle grinder gearbox housing then push on the Universal dust cowl. When in the correct position  simply tighten up the finger clamp. The flexibility in the material will automatically allow the cowl to move and adjust for diamond segment wear.

We developed the Tuff Key Flange Spanner as a really effective method of undoing seriously tight flange nuts. Far more sympathetic to the angle grinder than the oft used alternative hammer and chisel!! It must be good as several competitors around the world have now seen fit to copy the idea…..

For your convenience we can supply the Universal “Flip Front” dust cowl ready assembled to a quality angle grinder and with a high specification diamond grinding disc fitted – ready for work!

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Universal Flip Front Cowl, Max grinding disc diam. 180mm, Universal Flip Front Dust Cowl fitted to HiKOKI 230mm grinder, 110v, Universal Flip Front Dust Cowl fitted to HiKOKI 230mm grinder, 240v, Universal Flip Front Dust Cowl fitted to Makita 230mm grinder, 110v, Universal Flip Front Dust Cowl fitted to Makita 230mm grinder, 240v, Tuff-Key Heavy Duty Flange Spanner

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