G-Tec 125mm Dust Cowl

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G-Tec 125

Hard wearing, durable and close to 100% effective dust control guard for most popular Hitachi, Makita and Bosch angle grinders.

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G-Tec 125 dust guards are a quality product that will effectively make work dust free when grinding, sanding or polishing. Proven over many years and manufactured by PWM to high standards the G-Tec 125 is extremely durable and possibly the most efficient guard of the type available.

G-Tec 125 Hard wearing, durable and close to 100% effective dust control guard for most popular 125mm Hitachi, Makita and Bosch angle grinders. Manufactured from flexible yet extremely durable polyurethane the G-Tec cowl follows contours closely to deliver close to 100% effective dust control when operated with a suitable industrial vacuum. The mounting collar is machined from solid alloy billet for an accurate fit; each collar is specific to the make of angle grinder specified. The G-Tec has been designed specifically for use with dished turbo diamond cup wheels and is supplied complete with a set of dedicated flange nuts. Flange nuts and adapters are available in different heights to suit other applications. Each G-Tec is supplied complete with flexible hose connector suitable for 38mm and 50mm hose.

Ideal for industrial flooring applications removing latex, paint, screed, resin and adhesive. The G-Tec 125 can be purchased individually or ready to use, fitted to an angle grinder.

Don’t confuse our PU cowls with the less durable rubber cowls that are available elsewhere. Rubber cowls do not compare on durability and flexibility. Both features that are essential for effective dust control. Several thousand satisfied customers worldwide endorse this exceptional product with many placing repeat orders. We have been producing the G-Tec 125, here in the UK for over twenty years.

– Moulded in durable, flexible polyurethane NOT RUBBER
– Machined alloy clamping boss
– 50 mm dust extraction port
– Tangential hose outlet

When the black PU component of the G-Tec becomes worn it can be replaced quickly and economically returning the cowl to full efficiency with minimal downtime.

We developed the Tuff Key Flange Spanner as a really effective method of undoing seriously tight flange nuts. Far more sympathetic to the angle grinder than the oft used alternative hammer and chisel!! It must be good as several competitors around the world have now seen fit to copy the idea…..


For your convenience we can supply the G-Tec ready assembled to a quality angle grinder and with a high specification diamond grinding disc fitted – ready for work!


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G-Tec – for a Hitachi 5 inch, G-Tec – for a Makita 5 inch, G-Tec – for a Bosch 5 inch, G-Tec – Ready fitted to a Hitachi G13-SE2 5inch 110v, G-Tec – Ready fitted to a Hitachi G13-SE2 5inch 240v, Tuff-Key Heavy Duty Flange Spanner, Replacement 125mm PU cowl, G-Tec Hose Connector (50mm Diameter), G-Tec Bottom Flange nut for the 125mm Hitachi, G-Tec Flange nut Standard

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