Sabre G500 Concrete Floor Grinder / Polisher

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Sabre G500S and G500V –  Heavy duty concrete floor grinders / polishers are the ideal machines for general grinding and finishing of concrete floors and similar, also perfect for removing coatings and adhesives – all applications can be achieved totally dust free!

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Two versions of the Sabre G500 are available the G500S single speed with soft start and the G500V with variable speed from 0-1400 rpm. The Sabre G500 floor grinders are powerful, heavy duty machines ideal for surface preparation, grinding floor slabs level and with the variable speed version polishing of concrete. The variable speed version is also suitable for use with the latest range of bush hammer heads for applications including anti-slip, texturing, exposing aggregate and heavy duty removal of coatings. All are achieving with low levels of noise and vibration and leave a completely uniform finish without swirl marks or lines. Dust control whether grinding with diamonds or bush hammer heads is close to 100% control.

The Sabre G500S is a single speed, high torque grinder that offers a very high output for only a moderate investment. For reliability and simplicity the G500S is fitted with an electronic soft start to reduce current draw on initial start up. This can be a really useful feature if the power supply is only just adequate for instance if the generator really needed to be the next size up!  As usual with a soft start there is no initial harsh kick back when starting the machine helping with the control of the machine and preventing damage to drive components. The G500S delivers an amazing work rate grinding out imperfections, removing coatings or reducing levels and all without leaving swirl marks or creating clouds of dust! A comprehensive range of diamonds are available to fit the Sabre G500, ranging from aggressive pcd plates for latex removal through to the finer grits that are ideal for finishing concrete floors.

The Sabre G500V has variable speed control for fine adjustment from 0-1400rpm to ensure your grinding heads or bush hammer heads are always turning at the correct speed to achieve maximum output and optimum performance. The G500V is ideal for a wide range of applications from heavy duty surface preparation through to really fine  finishing and polishing. The wide range of tools and accessories available for the Sabre G500 ensure a solution is available for most floor finishing problems. polishing diamonds are available up to 3000 grit along with a premium quality, lithium based hardener / densifier / sealer.

We have designed and built the Sabre G500 to deliver trouble free performance for many years with an absolute minimum of service or maintenance work. It is built withstand the rigour of site use (and abuse) and is really simple to operate and maintain. With an exceptional grinding head weight and a three phase, 5.5kW motor it delivers outstanding performance. The unique design of the rear axles and wheels ensures the machine can always be set to grind level and flat to the floor for the best possible results and performance.

The chassis is fabricated in heavy gauge steel and welded throughout to ensure a robust durable machine. The on/off switch has a metal protective guard and to facilitate easy loading a grab handle is welded onto the front housing. Dust control is completely effective using  70mm vacuum hose. The heavy duty rubber dust skirt can be adjusted for wear and is both simple yet fully effective.

The Sabre G500 has long been a stalwart of our hire fleet where it has proven to be totally reliable. Breakdowns are unheard of and often a hire turns into a sale as customers are converted to the simple strengths and outstanding performance and reliability of this UK manufactured machine.

The Sabre G500S and Sabre G500V floor grinders are both available for hire, for further details please call us on (01405) 862688. Ask about our hire before buying service.

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Sabre G500 Concrete Floor Grinder, variable speed, 400v, 5.5kW, Sabre G500 Concrete Floor Grinder, single speed, 400v, 5.5kW

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